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The Food

All 8oz patties served with a side of Cajun fries, salad and coleslaw on a brioche bun.

Beef Burger £8.95

The Classic.

Auld Reekie £10.95

Beef Burger with smoked cheddar and smoked back bacon – smokey!

Cajun Chicken Breast £9.85

100% chicken breast marinated in Cajun spice

My Cousin Vinne £10.95

Pesto marinated chicken breast smothered in mozzarella

Volcano Burger £9.85

Beef burger topped with jalapenos, chorizo and peri-peri drizzle

Scotsman Burger £9.85

Beef burger, smothered in haggis and served with a whisky mayo sauce

Old Blue £10.95

Beef burger served with melted aromatic blue cheese and bacon

Charlie Brown £10.95

Beef burger topped with peanut butter and bacon – don’t knock it till you’ve tried it…

Foxy Burger £11.95

The Daddy – Beef burger with cheese, smoked bacon and pulled pork with a bourbon BBQ sauce. Timewasters need not apply

Spicy Falafel Burger £8.95 (Vegetarian Friendly)

A lightly spiced falafel patty. Try it with sweet potato fries!

Cheezy Mushroom £9.95 (Vegetarian Friendly)

Grilled Portobello mushroom coated in breadcrumbs and topped with mlted mozarella

Halloumi & Pepper £9.85 (Vegetarian Friendly)

Deep-fried Halloumi topped with crispy peppers, garlic butter and courgette

Optional Extras:

2 rashers of Bacon £1.00
Double up £3
Jalapenos 50p
Cheddar cheese 50p
Smoked Cheddar/Brie/Blue Cheese £1.00
Italian Meats/Pulled Pork £2
Add Sweet Potato Fries £1




All served with a side of Cajun fries, salad and coleslaw on a brioche finger bun

The Classic £8.95

8 inch pork mince bratwurst served in a warm brioche bun

Scotty Dog £9.95

Pork mince bratwurst topped with spicy haggis and served with whisky sauce

Foxy Dawg £9.95

Pork bratwurst topped with pulled pork and with a side of bourbon BBQ sauce

Volcano Dog £9.95

Pork bratwurst sausage, topped with jalapenos, chorizo and a peri-peri drizzle – very spicy!





Onion Rings £3.50

Add a dusting of Cajun for free

Garlic Bread Pizza £3.95

Perfect for sharing as a starter. 

Haggis Bon-Bon’s £3.95

Served with a side of sweet chill sauce

Bruschetta £4.95

With garlic butter on lightly toasted brioche

Chicken Wings £3.95

Available with either a dry Cajun rub, BBQ sauce or a very spicy peri-peri sauce

Deep Fried Halloumi £4.95
Served on a bed of rocket with a side of beetroot and orange chutney



Ideal light bite for lunch. Served with a side of coleslaw. All £6.95

Chicken Pesto 

Chicken smothered in pesto and mozzarella with green salad 

Italian Meats

Filled with prosciutto, pepperoni and Salami Milano with green salad

Pulled Pork

Filled with our BBQ pulled pork and green salad


Filled with diced Cajun chicken and green salad


Filled with bacon, salad tomatoes and green salad



All our salads are served on a bed of iceberg, radicchio and rocket, mixed with peppers, red onion, baby tomatoes and rosemary mayo. All £7.95

Goat Cheese

Smoked Duck Breast


Deep Fried Halloumi (Vegetarian Friendly)

Cajun Chicken Breast

Pesto Chicken Breast




Ask a member of staff what our cake of the day is!